"We lived, laughed, died and cried on these streets"

The Liberties Trilogy offers an immersive and captivating narrative that follows the lives of characters from Dublin’s Meath Street area. The first book, “Paddy,” provides a compelling exploration of personal growth and self-discovery, presenting an invaluable perspective on the social dynamics of growing up in Catholic Ireland during the 1980s.

"Paddy" -Main Characters

Paddy Walking Around Amsterdam


With his mental health spiralling out of control, Paddy's issues come to the surface when he travels to Amsterdam for a lads weekend.

Deco in an Amsterdam Coffeeshop


Paddy's best mate since childhood, Deco's "extra-curricular entrepreneurship" and Rastafarianism draws the attention of concerns parents in Dublin.


Married to Seanie and a mother of four, Trisha's struggles in her cramped two-bedroom house compel her to pressure Seanie for change.


Seanie, a kids' football coach and community leader with a spotless reputation, loves winning but overlooks the needs of his family.


Market trader and Trisha's bestie share an unbreakable bond. Sharon hooked up with Paddy after Steo (her ex), died from drug abuse.

Alida on her Amsterdam Houseboat


A kind-hearted Dutch lady who witnessed the most difficult days of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, before the virus was identified

The Themes

Mental Health

“Paddy” portrays a narrative deeply intertwined with mental health struggles. Paddy's spiral into addiction and reckless behaviour reflects the weight of his inner turmoil and the challenges he faces in coping with personal demons and loss. His desperate attempts to conceal his struggles and maintain a façade exacerbate his mental health deterioration. Ultimately, the narrative emphasizes the importance of support, resilience, and self-acceptance in navigating the challenges of mental health and finding hope amidst adversity.

Innocent lives lost to addiction

Like most inner-cities, Dublin and Amsterdam witnessed a tragic toll as innocent lives succumbed to the grip of hard drugs. Amid economic struggles and social upheaval, communities were ravaged by addiction, claiming countless young lives. Families mourned the loss of loved ones to overdose, violence, and despair. The epidemic left scars on neighbourhoods, underscoring the urgent need for support and intervention to prevent further devastation. This work is a memory to them.

AIDS Remembrance

In the early 1980s amidst the presence of mysterious pneumonia-like infections and rare cancers, a mother agonisingly watches her son's final days during the AIDS epidemic. Witnessing the societal stigma and abandonment from those who should have loved him who turned away, she is helpless to ease his suffering. Discrimination deepened their despair, leaving her heartbroken as the disease cruelly cut short his life.

"Paddy" - An immersive Experience

Paddy Walking Around Amsterdam

Character Images

Although the entire text of "Paddy" is 100% authentic and was written by the author in Dublin and Amsterdam, it's worth mentioning that the character imagery used in its media is AI-generated. These characters' attributes were carefully analysed and incorporated into the AI model to create realistic and vivid imagery. That's why the characters in "Paddy" are so captivating and feel like real people. This innovative approach to character design adds a new layer of dimension to the reading experience, making "Paddy" a unique and engaging novel you won't want to put down.

Location Images

To further enhance the authenticity of the work, The Liberties Trilogy is proud to showcase an extensive gallery featuring numerous Dublin and Amsterdam locations utilized in the production of "Paddy". We believe that providing visual representation of the settings adds a deeper layer of immersion for the viewer and enables them to truly appreciate the intricacies of the story. Moreover, by including these locations within our gallery, we hope to pay homage to the vibrant communities where the story takes place.

Soundtrack Playlist

"Paddy" has curated a thoughtfully crafted Spotify playlist to accompany your reading experience. The collection of songs were carefully chosen to reflect the time period in which Paddy grew up, evoking a strong sense of nostalgia and emotional connection to the subject matter. The playlist serves to enhance the overall reading experience, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work. The playlist is called "Paddy - The Book" See Below

About the Author

Chris Curran, a native of The Liberties, Dublin, pens a heartwarming tribute to a bygone era. A time when young lives were plagued by the heroin epidemic and the innocent were robbed of a future by the scourge of AIDS. Against a backdrop of hapless politicians and the Catholic Church hierarchy, “Paddy” stands as a testament to the innocent.

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